Websites By and About '80 Classmates

This page pulls together websites by or about classmates. Some are blogs, others are about businesses. They range from the obvious to obscure, so some links go pages that directly mention the classmate to provide the meaning of the link. This page is very much a work in progress; if readers know of sites that should be added, please contact the webmaster. Also, let us know if any links do not work.

Larry Ausubel,


Jill Baron,


Michael Barren,


Barbara Cates,

John Chester,

Marc Fisher,

Sarah Sehon Gerecke,


Michelle Hensley,


John Hill,


Doug Hohbach,


 Sharon Keld,

Josh Kornbluth,

Tom Lindenfield,


Marc Lovecchio,


Greg Mankiw,

Jason Meyer,


Kirk Petersen,

Ned Pelger,


Mary Prescott,


Katherine Raisz,


John Rogers,


Lauren Sigman,


Dina Micklin Silver,


David Spiro,


Peter Swire,


Robert M. Thomas Jr.,


Kirby Urner,


Andy VanMeter,


Robert Varrin,


Ann Knight Weber,


Van Wallach,

John Wetmore,


Frank Wise,


Peter Yawitz,


Russell Young,


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concerning classmates and their families, class events and activities now resides in a password-protected area on this website.  80ers may register using their University ID number.  Please contact  Webmaster Van Wallach if you need help with registration.   If you cannot reach Van Wallach, email Arlene Pedovitch.