Poet's Corner
Welcome to the Class of 1980 poetry. Inspired by an ode on a reunion hat, we are collecting all forms of verse for edification and amusement. We welcome contributions in all styles, from heroic couplets to jingles to blank verse to limericks.

Sharon Keld contributes these fine examples of class-related haiku:
Reunion was fun
Keep the class spirit going
Pay your class dues now
Whither the class book?
Final editing right now
Target date late fall
Harvard Football Game
Tailgate with classmates and friends
It's called Tiger Tent

Van Wallach penned the following ground-breaking example of "corporate haiku:"
Lines Written at 3 a.m. in Short Hills, New Jersey, During a Proposal That Never Ended
our services so fabulous
clients cry "ole!"
fees go sky-high

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