Class Officers for 2020-2025


We are pleased to announce the new slate of officers, taking office on July 1, 2020, who will take us through to the 45th Reunion in 2025:


Rich Becker, President
Mark Berlin, VP
Tom Blum, Treasurer
Sharon Keld, Secretary
Natalie Wargo, Co-Reunions Chair
Debra Firstenberg Kushma, Co-Reunions Chair
Andy Baumann Lustig, Annual Giving Class Agent
Anne Clothier Haydon, Annual Giving Class Agent
Jeff Sharp, Annual Giving Class Agent 


In addition to the officers noted above, the new Class Executive Committee is as follows:

John Novaria, Class Memorialist
Bruce Cohen, Regional VP Atlanta
Jim Tausche, Regional VP Atlanta
Jose Colon, Regional VP California
Duane McWaine, Regional VP California
Tina Treadwell, Regional VP California
Mary Prescott, Regional VP Chicago
Wendy Gerber, Regional VP New York
Eric Koenig, Regional VP Washington DC
Bruce McBarnette, Regional VP Washington DC
Kim Ritrievi, Regional VP Florida
Darryn Tilden, Regional VP Florida
Jill Baron, Executive Committee at Large
Florence Distefano Hudson, Executive Committee at Large
Arlene Pedovitch, Executive Committee at Large
Van Wallach, Executive Committee at Large

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concerning classmates and their families, class events and activities now resides in a password-protected area on this website.  80ers may register using their University ID number.  Please contact  Webmaster Van Wallach if you need help with registration.   If you cannot reach Van Wallach, email Arlene Pedovitch.