Privacy Policy

    Princeton Class of 1980 ("the Class") uses Reunion Technologies’ services to provide certain web-related services, including website design, presentation of class news and information, collection of class dues, online events registration, input of directory and survey information, website login, broadcast email, and an online class directory.  
    As of January 2014, honorary classmates and widows/widowers will have access to all data on the website.  If you do not wish to have your data accessible to those constituencies, you may opt out by informing the webmaster.
    The alumni database records for living and deceased members of the Class of 1980 as well as any and all honorary members of the Class and all widows/widowers of the Class, is supplied to Reunion Technologies, LLC, with automatic weekly data feeds.
    The Class understands that these data are confidential, can only be used for official University or Class business, will not be used for commercial, political or campaign purposes, and is subject to the same terms and conditions applicable to data available in TigerNet.  The Class also holds the University harmless for any misuse of information by Reunion Technologies or that results from the Class giving Reunion Technologies the information.  

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concerning classmates and their families, class events and activities now resides in a password-protected area on this website.  80ers may register using their University ID number.  Please contact  Webmaster Van Wallach if you need help with registration.   If you cannot reach Van Wallach, email Arlene Pedovitch.